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CO2- Incubators ( Model INCO2)

Incubator merupakan Alat Laboratorium yang sangat umum digunakan di laboratorium pertanian, peternakan maupun laboratorium industri makanan dan minuman karena temperatur ruangannya bisa disetting sesuai keinginan dan kebutuhan sample baik sample berupa bakteri, sample bibit pertanian maupun sample lainnya. 

The rapid development in „ biotechnology“ requires appliances which can keep pace with it.
MEMMERT CO2 incubators had been developed for this purpose and will also meet these standards in future due to a close cooperation with those people working directly in this field.

What are the most important advantages of the MEMMERT-CO2-incubators?

* Electropolished stainless steel interior
* Integrated sterilization cycle at + 160° C for two hours ( sterilization - not desinfection or decontamination – means that all microorganisms including spores are killed
* No sensors, shelves, mountings, etc. have to be removed during the sterilization cycle
* LED-humidity display exactly shows the set and actual humidity inside the chamber
* Time is money: integrated fault diagnostics for temperature, CO2, humidity limit control or resp. humidity control for fast repair
* NDIR-CO2 sensor with auto-zeroing which compared to the thermal conductivity sensor has the advantage that immediately after switching on the CO2-incubator the CO2 is reliably measured and indicated on the display. TC-sensors require the stabilising of the temperature inside the working chamber.
* Continuous gas supply by integrated automatic gas cylinder change-over ( standard)
* Double overheat safety device according to safety standards DIN 12880 – adjustable electronic overtemperature controller safety class 3.1 and temperature limiter class 1
* GLP-conforming documentation can either be done through printer – parallel printer interface– or via PC – RS 232 alternatively RS 485 including software Celsius 2000 without extra charge both being part of the standard delivery scope
* Last but not least works calibration certificate at 37° C also included in standard

Standard features:

* 3 models sizes 108, 153 and 246 litres
* Temperature range + 20° C up to + 45° C
* CO2 adjustable from 0% up to 20% with a setting accuracy of 0, 1%
* 2 connections with automatic change-over device for gas bottles
* CO2 infra-red absorption system with automatic zeroing
* Large-area heating on all sides
* Integrated sterilisation stage at + 160° C ( set point wait dependent) for 2 hours -sterilisation ( NOT DISINFECTION) without removal of sensors
* Doubled overheat safety by microprocessor overheat controller, adjustable ( TWW) and temperature limiter TB safety device class 3.1 and class 1 according to DIN 12 880
* Stainless steel 1.4301, interior electropolished
* Serial interface RS232 incl. MEMMERT-software „ Celsius 2000“ or optional RS485 ( no extra charge)
* Parallel printer interface for connection of an EPSON -compatible printer for documentation in accordance with GLP ( Good Laboratory Practice)
* Works calibration certificate for one temperature: + 37° C

To avoid condensation the MEMMERT-CO2 incubators are additionally provided with :

* Integrated humidity limit control with digital display of relative humidity adjustable from 88-97% rh
* Option against extra charge: active humidity control adjustable from 40 to 97% rh via LED display – water shelves are omitted
* Additonal door heating

Overheat Safety Device

* Microprocessor overheat controller, adjustable ( TWW) and temperature limiter ( TB) protection class 3.1 and 1, according to DIN 12 880
* Audible and visual alarm system

Textured Stainless Steel Casing

* Fully insulated stainless steel door with double locking and 4-point adjustment
* Inner glass door with opening ( 8mm dia.) to take gas samples
* Rear zinc plated steel

Interior – Heating Concept

* Easy-to-clean interior, made of stainless steel, reinforced by deep drawn ribbing, electropolished and hermetically welded

Temperature Range

* From + 20° C up to + 45° C, however at least 7° C above ambient temperature

Technical Data
Model Weight ( kg) Casing Size
w x h x d ( mm) Interior Heating Size
w x h x d ( mm) Vol ( l) Support Shelves / Supplied Available Stainless Steel Water Dish Available Voltage
INC108 70 710 x 778 x 550 560 x 480 x 400 108 3 1 115 V, 60Hz
230 V, 60Hz
INC153 90 630 x 938 x 650 480 x 640 x 500 153 3 1 115 V, 60Hz
230 V, 60Hz
INC246 110 790 x 938 x 750 640 x 640 x 600 246 6, half-width 2, half-width 115 V, 60Hz
230 V, 60Hz

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