PFXi 880 CIE Spectrophotometric Colorimeter (ALAT LABORATORIUM UMUM)

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Spesifikasi PFXi 880 CIE Spectrophotometric Colorimeter (ALAT LABORATORIUM UMUM)

ALAT LABORATORIUM UMUM: The PFXi-880 series are available with an optional integrated heater unit.

The PFXi series of spectrophotometric colorimeters introduces a unique concept in liquid colour control: RCMSi technology (Remote Calibration & Maintenance Service via internet).

Users can benefit from the capability for remote calibration and servicing via the internet -eliminating any costs and time delays associated with servicing and guaranteeing compliance with standards.

Watch the RCMSi video to see how easy the procedure can be or view Further Information below for more details.

The PFXi range is supplied with a full range of colour scales for specific markets including, but not limited to, Petroleum, Edible Oils, Pharmaceuticals, Brewing and Honey. Users can upgrade scales remotely at any time.

Every PFXi is supplied with colour control software for data analysis (LAN & USB cable provided). Optical glass cells, a certified glass calibration filter, a spare lamp and user instructions included.

The PFXi-880 series are available with an optional integrated heater unit.

This is a critical feature when dealing with materials such as fats and waxes whose temperature needs to be maintained at a constant temperature +10°C above the "Cloud Point" of the material.

    Integrated RCMSi Technology for Remote Calibration
    Automatic and non-subjective colour measurement
    Consistent data compliant with international standards
    Very rugged, chemically resistant, steel construction
    Easy maintenance with removable sample chamber
    Ability to handle hot samples with high melting points
    Extensive and flexible choice of colour scales
    Remote upgrade facility
    Calculation and description of "off-hue" status
    Supplied with colour control software for data analysis
    Conformance standard, cells and spare bulb included
    Output conforming to GLP including date, time, sample & user ID
    Accommodates a wide range of sample cells and tubes
    Extensive range of accessories (eg, thermal printer)
    153mm (6") sample chamber guarantees compliance with AOCS, ISO and ASTM standards
    Optional integrated heater unit

PFXi-880/CIE Spectrophotometric Colorimeter, with RCMSi Starter Pack


Part Number:  1378806
Bandwidth  10nm
Baseline Calibration  Single key press; fully automated
Compliance  CE, RoHS, WEEE
Data Storage  100000+ measurements
Dimensions (W × D × H)  515mm × 196mm × 170mm
Display  240 × 128, back-lit graphic display, (white on blue)
Illuminants  CIE Illuminant A, B, C, D65
Input Voltage  Universal (90-240 VAC), via external power supply
Instrument Housing  Fabricated steel with tough, textured paint finish
Interfaces  USB, LAN, RS232
Keypad  23 key tactile membrane keypad; washable polyester with audible feedback
Languages  English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese
Light Source  5 Volt, 10 Watt Tungsten Halogen
Measurement Time  Less than 30 seconds
Measuring Principle  16 interference filters
Observer  2°, 10°
Path Length  0.1mm-153mm (0.004" - 6")
Repeatability, on measurements of deionised water  Chromaticity (x y) - ±0.0002; DeltaE - 0.2
Spectral Response  420nm-710nm
Weight  7.7kg

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